About HyperStitch


In 1996 Pat Lawlor began embroidering out of her living room and selling her creations to friends and family.  Fast forward 3 years and she moved into 117 W. Prairie St, where the company flourished for many years.

As Pat looked to retire in 2017, Sara White came into the store to buy a T-Shirt and came to buy the business in January 2018.  Sara’s background in business and close ties to the Marengo community made the decision to purchase an easy one, and the transition went very smoothly.

Thanks to all of our loyal customers and a very supportive group of local businesses, HyperStitch made a fresh start in June 2019 in its new location at 219 E. Grant Highway.  Here we embroider, screen print, and vinyl garments as well as create designs and work with other vendors on promotional items.  We look forward to many years of growth here in Marengo and welcome new clients from all over.

Our Customers

Our customer profile is 65% corporate, which includes large national and regional companies, as well as smaller locally-owned companies with 1 to 25 employees. Most of these customers need garments to wear on the job or to trade shows, or even on the road. Many businesses make home visits, like heating, plumbing, electrical, remodeling, landscaping, duct cleaning, dog training, realtors, and home inspection service companies. Wearing corporate wear for identity purposes is vital! Many of them use our promotional products to hand out to their customers.

30% of annual sales are to non-profit groups like churches, schools, scouts, charities, and sports leagues. Typically, these orders are from dozens to 100’s, with multi-media on most shirts, screenprinted front and vinyl name, for instance. The last 5% constitutes one of a kind orders such as custom birthday shirts (some of our customers have a wicked sense of humor!), baby blankets, Christmas stocking names, horse blanket names, golf bag names, etc. We stitch on almost anything!

As HyperStitch enjoys its second decade of excellence, we strive to be Pleasant and Perfect each and every day.

HyperStitch: Two Foundations to Success

  • We treat our customers with an eagerness to help meet their vision in both garments and designs
  • We treat fellow employees with respect and courtesy because a workplace that is happy is productive

HyperStitch shirts have been seen on every continent on the planet, most recently in Antarctica. Although the majority of our customers are in McHenry County, a considerable number of shirts have been shipped all over the country … and the world.

HyperStitch is everywhere!

With Thanks…

Former employees who have helped in HyperStitch’s success: Sharon Bock, Anna Bock, Heidi Diedrick, Alison Griffin, Brittney Sanchez, Brynn Anthony, Drue Robertson, Robert Dahl, Elizabeth Zugay, Nicole Crawford, Mary Larcombe, Renate Rotta-Koch, Sherri Torrance, Stacey Karr, Sue Glorch, Amy Cook, Dana Lee Karsten, Gloria Hale, Jill Olson, Amanda Votava, Sue Simons, Kayla Doane, Kathy Smith, Brittni Ellis, Kayce Olbrich, Alison Weech, Amanda Lowie, Angela Vilchus, Barb Weidner, Breanna Payne, Brenda Ferreira, Desiree Battista, Faith Casey, Jill Weidner, Judy Hamer, Katie Steltenpohl, Kim Weidner, Lauren Emerson, Nicole Bachleda, Reannon Widmayer, Sarah O’Hara, Shayla Driver, Tammy Marlewski, Terry Sonntag, Valerie Landorf, Val Landwehr, Wendy Garvey and Denise Taylor.

Our thanks to each of you!