Corporate Logowear

Amazingly, by the age of 5, kids in America can recognize 200 corporate logos. Make the most of yours, and have it expertly embroidered by HyperStitch.

HyperStitch wants to match your colors! We mix our own ink, and can match a Pantone or PMS color exactly. In embroidery, we have 100’s of shades of thread. For example, we have 57 shades of blue and 62 shades of brown thread available for you to choose from. Color is our middle name!

HyperStitch has a 306-page catalog that is cutting-edge for ladies shirts, corporate buttondowns for men and ladies, tie-dyed and faded t-shirts, polo shirts with contrast trim, and dozens of cap styles. Ask for a catalog today!

How It’s Made

Recently, HyperStitch offered a “How It’s Made” package to a local charity for auction. The package included artwork, garments and decorating the garments, with the owners watching. Jay Pace Construction was the winning bidder, and they brought the entire family to watch how their corporate shirts were made. Not only did the process keep the attention of the children Anna and Josh, but the adults learned some things too!


The Pace family watches as their sweatshirts are being embroidered with their logo. Barb Weidner, master embroiderer, explains the workings of our state-of-the-art Tajima embroidery machines.


The kids are involved in watching their company shirts being imprinted. HyperStitch uses a 6-station imprinter from Brown Manufacturing. Behind Anna is the dryer that each shirt goes through to bond the ink to the shirt. It is usually set over 400 degrees, a very hot place to stand in the summer heat! Each imprinted shirt is guaranteed for 50 washings, so wearing a shirt once a week for a year is the minimum amount of wear a HyperStitch shirt should give.


Anna pulls the ink through the screen, but Anna isn’t sure she wants to “help.”


A finished T-shirt coming through the dryer. Another job well done by the HyperStitch staff. After the How it’s Made demonstration, the family was treated to lunch to complete their auction package. Everyone had fun!